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Breastfeeding Help

Empowering women to breastfeed with confidence.

Call for a private lactation consultation if you are NEW MOTHER experiencing...

  • Sore or damaged nipples

  • Painful breastfeeding 

  • Using a nipple shield to breastfeed 

  • Difficulty with positioning and latching

  • Worries about her baby getting enough milk

  • Left the hospital supplementing with formula

  • Past breast surgeries of any kind

  • Flat or inverted nipples

  • Engorgement

  • Suspected Mastitis 

  • Questions about pumping and/or continuing to breastfeed after returning to work

  • Someone telling her she “can’t” breastfeed (poor social support)

  • Concerns or barriers that are preventing her from enjoying breastfeeding

  • Considered weaning because she is overwhelmed, even though she wants to breastfeed

  • Nursing multiples

  • Maternal health conditions

Call for a private lactation consultation if your BABY is…

  • Having difficulty with positioning and latching

  • Concerns about newborn poops

  • Poor infant weight gain or loss

  • Wet diaper less than 6-8 diapers  

  • Having bowel movement that is concerning

  • Refusing to breastfeed  

  • Fussiness, pulling away or choking at the breast

  • Being supplemented with formula after breastfeeding

  • Unable to lift or stick out his/her tongue (possible tongue-tie)

  • Possible lip tie or tongue tie

  • Jaundice 

  • Cleft-lip and/or cleft-palate

  • Showing great preference for one breast or fussiness when feed on a particular breast



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Breastfeeding should not hurt. Although a natural part of motherhood, there are many aspects that can feel discouraging and complex. With the right help from your local breastfeeding consultant, you can overcome these challenges. You can select a virtual appointment, office appointment or home visit for your breastfeeding support. So you can continue your breastfeeding journey in the way you choose. Read more.


I support moms at all ages and stages of pregnancy. This can be your your first or sixth childbirth or birthing over 40, I specialize in supporting moms.  I have also supported VBAC moms.  My role is to educate, support and affirm women in embracing their pregnant bodies and trusting their natural ability to birth in all birth settings.  There are so many questions that you have while you are pregnant. Each woman's situation is different. But what reminds the same is shared need to have a trusted and supportive professional to journey with throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. A doula is your birth travel partner. Someone who you can relay on for unbiased evidence base information. Someone who will support your birth plan.  Read more.


A small group way of consulting with 3 to 5 moms at a time. You have many questions and all are valid. How do I position a baby to  feed? How many times should I pump? Should I wake to feed every two hours? How do I know if he/she is getting enough? You can address these and many more questions in our breastfeeding education classes. These classes are designed to the modern breastfeeding parent, give you clinical and evidence based information and support. You will find that you will make valuable connections and increase your ability to meet your breastfeeding goal. Read more.

Lactation Consultation 

Our services are provided by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant - IBCLC. I provide affordable, non-judgmental and evidence based breastfeeding care for moms and babies.  You can book a virtual appointment, office appointment, or home appointment online or by phoneI am committed to working with you and any support person you bring to your consultation. We want to resolve your breastfeeding issues and get you back on track. 

Virtual Classes and Support Group

In addition to private lactation consultations, we provide monthly breastfeeding classes and weekly support groups focused on creating a space for community and support.  

Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rentals 

We offer hospital grade breast pumps for rent. Rental fees are paid in advance. They can  be rented for two weeks and one month. Call to rent your breast pump. 

Certified Doula Services 

An essential part of preparing for childbirth is assembling the right birth team that is dedicated to seeing you through the birth you desire. Hiring a doula is one of the best decisions you will make for yourself because all women should have one person who is continuously supporting them throughout birth. 

Hiring a professional certified doula that is present to support you and your partner throughout your birth will help you achieve a more empowering birth. I offer holistic birth and postpartum doula services, night time or daytime care. As a holistic doula, I consider the physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs of the person I'm caring for, in order to fully care for you. I am present from the moment you select me to be your doula to journey with you, support you, provide evidence based information, and help you ROCK YOUR BIRTH. 

We are here to serve you

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